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Heal Our Homes, Heal Ourselves​


How Our Homes Heal


Our homes and the spaces where we spend the majority of our days have become the essential missing link that support our health and improve the quality of our lives. They are the key to successful exercise, nutrition, and the mind/body connection. The diagram I have created below displays how home is the center of wellness. Through my own person experience which I will share with you, evidence-based design, studies and how hospital designers have implemented reducing stress for patients as well as staff to support healing. I will explain how we can improve and foster good health, how we can heal by creating environments that reduce stress and allow us to conduct healthier lifestyles. My desire is to encourage others to create these environments that have been assisting healing in patients, regardless of your budget, the size of your space and your style. Once decluttering is underway, I will show how the elements of feng shui, nature, low stress organization, planning, aroma therapy, lighting and color can calm your mind and simplify your life, reduce stress, support and nourish physical and mental health, to enrich our lives. Too many choices in our lives and homes make life confusing and difficult creating more stress, simplifying reduces choices. Enriching your lives by allowing more time for what for what you love, facilitating fun, pursuing hobbies, reading, exercising, playing music, being with people you love and entertaining. Supportive homes will nourish, strengthen and energize your physical and mental health. Serine environments do not drain or exasperate us, they calm our minds, restore our equilibrium, create moments of serenity.


“The spiritual or more enlightened mind says: ‘…,turn your thought as much as  you can on health, strength and vigour, and on strong, healthy, vigorous material things, such as moving clouds, fresh breezes, the cascades, the ocean surge, on woodland scenes and growing healthy trees; on birds full of life and the motion; for in so doing you turn on yourself a real current or this healthy life-giving thought, which is suggested and brought you by the thought of such vigorous, strong material objects.”


Healing spaces are the missing link to a happier, healthy life.  What are healing spaces? These are spaces like our homes that can reduce stress, nurture one’s soul, support a healthy diet, exercise and meditation.

Homes are central for healthy minds, diet and exercise.


MIND       knowledge    play  DIET

spirituality                                       Rest/rejuvenation

              HOME          cleaning            

relationships                                    grooming



Low stress environments simplify our lives to allow more time to focus on what is most important in our lives. When we are surrounded by natural elements, balance and order we calm our minds and heal ourselves. In the world we live in today it is essential to have a peaceful home, to feel grounded, to balance the hectic world we live in. A shelter to return to, to feel safe.

These spaces do not have to cost a lot of money to achieve the feeling.  Studies tell us the healing effects of a mountain view. Lighting a single candle on a dish garnished with a pine cone from a recent hike can be a peaceful reminder of a morning you spent with a friend. Enjoying the healing experiences that everyday chores can provide, the aromatherapy of chopping herbs, the meditative experience of folding clothes. Allowing us the time to soak in tub sprinkled with lavender oil or simply passing by contemplative artwork in a hallway that calms your mind. These spaces must also facilitate fun, to strengthen and energize you. Incorporating all of this without rejecting technology and the necessities that today’s life demands.

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